Drive- a non-profit organization that was established in 2010 in order to motivate youth and adults, in all stages of their lives, in Israel to fulfill their potential. Our guiding principle is that amplifying the will and commitment will lead to a significant change in their attitude and will help improve the quality of their lives.

In order to promote the resilience of the Israeli society.

41,300 participants in courses, lectures, workshops and training, in national programs together with the Ministry of Education, government, military, academic and philanthropic foundations (50% of them are faculty and educators who make the change).

We operate nationwide, with 154 experts, staff and volunteers.

Drive has all the necessary approvals for her proper management, and a tax return certificate for the donors.

Recent research shows that what really predicts success is the ability of a person to develop are commitment and hope. Contrary to the common belief that the factors predicting success are usually the level of intelligence with which we are born and / or our socioeconomic background. Personal resilience is the ability of the person / organization to rise once more than the number of times it has fallen. This skill we can acquire and thus ensure our success over time, and this is our expertise in Drive.

The purpose of Drive's programs is to affect its participants in ways that are new to them, ways that can inspire and lead them to attain success in their lives. The model is unique since it focuses on areas which the educational or army systems doesn't touch upon and provides participants with practical tools to implement the contents learned and meet their goals.

Participants go through a dynamic and enriching process that aims to refine their skills, set personal goals and shape their own personal vision, while providing them with the tools to strengthening resilience in times of erosion and crisis, identify barriers to success and ways to overcome them.

Our circles of influence

1.  National Program "Running Together 5": A unique program for 200 teachers from all over the country each year (15 cities, 50 schools, 3,000 students affected). Together with the Ministry of Education and philanthropic foundations, the program aims to provide teachers with practical and innovative skills and tools to prevent dropping (of teachers and students). In addition to help students improve their academic and personal achievements. The program has a unique element of combining sport activity, in the end of the program teachers and students participate in a race for up to 5 km.

2. Urban Program: An integrated program for at least 15 teachers and 525 students in each participating city. The program has combined goals with the local needs and the Ministry of Education to provide teachers and students with practical skills and tools to enhance excellence, prevent dropping and improve academic and personal achievements. 3. School program: Leadership programs for school staff, and students according to age to increase resilience, prevention of dropping, improvement of achievements, teamwork, prioritization, self-image and personal ability and more. 4. The IDF: Training for soldiers and staff to strengthen personal and group resilience, prioritization and decision making, strengthening of faith, self-confidence, prevention of dropping and more.

5. Academy: We work in cooperation with the Dean of Students and the Unit for Social Involvement in Institutions of Higher Education and provide general and disabled students with learning disabilities, workshops focusing on providing tools for creating personal resilience and coping with academic challenges. The programs, emphasis on preventing dropping and realizing their potential, strengths, self-image, personal abilities, communication, what is success and how to deal with fear, time management, focus and prioritization, balancing the burden between personal life and school requirements and more.

 Drive sees education and young people as the most important issue to invest in Israel.

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